Test external links in documentation

Context and Problem Statement

The JabRef repository contains Markdown (.md) files documenting the JabRef code. The documentation contains links to external resources. For high-quality documentation, external links should be working.

Decision Drivers

  • Checking external links should not cause issues in the normal workflow

Considered Options

  • Check external links once a month
  • Check external links in the "checkstyle" task
  • Do not check external links

Decision Outcome

Chosen option: "[option 1]", because [justification. e.g., only option, which meets k.o. criterion decision driver | which resolves force force | … | comes out best (see below)].

Positive Consequences

  • Automatic notification of broken external links

Negative Consequences

Pros and Cons of the Options

  • Good, because does not interfere with the normal development workflow
  • Bad, because an additional workflow is required
  • Good, because no separate workflow is required
  • Bad, because checks fail independent of the PR (because external web sites can go down and go up independent of a PR)
  • Good, because no testing at all is required
  • Bad, because external links break without any notice
  • Bad, because external links have to be checked manually