Useful development tooling

This page lists some software we consider useful.

Browser plugins

git hints

Here, we collect some helpful git hints

Rebase everything as one commit on master

  • Precondition: JabRef/jabref is configured as upstream.
  • Fetch recent commits and prune non-existing branches: git fetch upstream --prune
  • Merge recent commits: git merge upstream/master
  • If there are conflicts, resolve them
  • Reset index to upstream/master: git reset upstream/master
  • Review the changes and create a new commit using git gui: git gui&
  • Do a force push: git push -f origin

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Tooling for Windows

(As Administrator - one time)

  1. Install chocolatey
  2. choco install git
  3. choco install conemu clink
  4. choco install notepadplusplus
  5. If you want to have your jdk also managed via chocolatey: choco install jdk8

Then, each weak do choco upgrade all to ensure all tooling is uptodate.

General git tooling on Windows

Better console applications

  • ConEmu -> Preview Version - Aim: Colorful console with tabs
  • At first start:
    • "Choose your startup task ...": `{Bash::Git bash}}
    • OK
    • Upper right corner: "Settings..." (third entrry Eintrag)
    • Startup/Tasks: Choose task no. 7 ("Bash::Git bash"). At "Task parameters" /dir C:\git-repositories\jabref\jabref
    • Save Settings
  • clink - Aim: Unix keys (Alt+B, Ctrl+S, etc.) also available at the prompt of cmd.exe

Other bundles

  • Cmder - bundles ConEmu plus clink

Tools for working with XMP

Some useful keyboard shortcuts

  • AutoHotkey - Preparation for the next step
  • - Aim: Have Win+C opening ConEmu
  • Clone the repository locally.
  • Then link ConEmu.ahk and WindowsExplorer.ahk at the startup menu (Link creation works with drag'n'drop using the right mouse key and then choosing "Create link" when dropping). Hint: Startup is in the folder Startup (German: Autostart) at %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ - accessible via Win+r: shell:startup